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A35 Quart/Liter Mixing Lid (BNBA1006/6)

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Why settle for the original?

A35 lids are replacements designed for competitor’s mixing machines. They feature many of the same components as our best-selling FAS series including a redesigned pouring spout for fast non-clogging dosing and soft-touch locking cams. Fillon lids are a great investment. Shop painters will appreciate the close attention to detail for better ergonomics and having more accuracy during pouring.  

  • Optional anti-adhesive skates to reduce paint residue and improve performance.
  • Innovative ‘S’ shaped blade to prevent over-stirring.
  • Universal multi-position thumb lever for a painter’s preferred grip.
  • Smooth dispensing action with pin-point control pouring.
  • Available in sizes 0.5-liter, quart/liter, and gallon/3.5-liter.
  • Compatible with solvent and waterborne paints.