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Fillon Technologies is the world’s largest supplier of paint preparation equipment for the automotive refinish and industrial coatings markets.  Fillon is ‘Just around the corner’ with 8 strategically-placed subsidiaries, and 3 production facilities serving more than 80 countries from around the world. 

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Fillon offers coatings manufacturers and their distributors an incomparable level of service by combining local service with global expertise. We work closely with our customers to develop products and services that will help them to operate efficiently and more profitably. When it comes to quality, Fillon does not compromise… “Good enough” is not applicable to markets where so many hard-earned reputations are on the line with every paint job. Fillon Technologies wants to be an integral part of your success.

Displayed left to right are our facilities in China, France, and India

(Photo: Displayed left to right are our facilities in China, France, and India.)


The Adventure of a Company from Faverolles, France

After World War II, Roger Fillon- the co-founder of ‘Fillon Pichon’ started his journey as an entrepreneur by manufacturing toys for children and building baby carriages “strollers”.

Fillon TechnologiesFillon Technologies

In 1954, Roger Fillon met Pierre Pichon where they formed a partnership to create the Fillon Pichon Company to manufacture perforators under the “FILPIC” brand name. They started the business with a small workshop but by the early 60’s the business had grown enough to support a full-scale manufacturing facility in the small village of Faverolles, France.

Around the same time, Roger Fillon was approached by BASF and offered an opportunity to design and manufacture a paint mixing machine to stir automotive paints. The first ‘Fillon Pichon’ machine was successfully built and received great appreciation within the industry.  The partners understood that they couldn’t focus on two entirely diverse industries and elected to go in different directions.  Pierre followed his passion for building perforators, and Roger chose his new-found interest in designing paint mixing equipment.

Roger’s oldest son Daniel, who had been working at Fillon Pichon for many years, assumed a new leadership role as the CEO for company. In 1982, they established Eurobot, a sister company to design and manufacture mixing lids to support the growing mixing equipment business.  By the early 80’s, Fillon Pichon equipment gained considerable interest outside of Europe.  Fillon Pichon began exporting mixing machines, lids, and accessories to paint companies from around the world.

Fillon Technologies

By 1985, they established the first subsidiary, Fillon Pichon USA, Inc. in New York City.  The subsidiary later relocated to Smithfield, Rhode Island, and eventually to East Providence, Rhode Island where the North American business is still supported today.

In the early 90’s, the demand for Fillon Pichon equipment grew in worldwide demand.  Subsidiaries were opened in Singapore, China, Japan, and Brazil. Fillon Pichon also purchased a state-of-the-art production facility in China to support growth.

In 1997, Fillon Pichon purchased the FAS Company (a main competitor) from Orleans, France to be able to offer the market a choice of two well-established mixing technologies both supported on a global platform.

By the 2000’s, the Fillon Investment group diversified business by acquiring an established European infrared drier company. In 2003, Fillon Pichon, FAS, and Eurobot merged to form Fillon Technologies. The new business model propelled the core business to new and exciting directions such as aerosol filling and spray gun washing. 

In May of 2011, the Fillon family members, including Daniel’s brother’s Sylvain and Emmanuel, and sister Elisabeth decided that it was time for retirement. Fillon Technologies was sold to Sebastien Reinbold, CEO plus a small group of private shareholders. Fillon Technologies stands tall around the world and is ready-to-serve you today and tomorrow.