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Q: How do I know which machine version I have?

A: Mixing machines have a metal nameplate stamped to the front floor section referenced as ‘Type’. For example, a QMX150 equates to a Quick-Mix 150 Plus machine. For older models, the nameplate is often located on the inside side-panel of the base assembly.

Q: How do I know how many mixing shelves to order?

A: To calculate the number of shelves needed, add up the number of quart/liter and gallon toners in the paint line then divide the quantity by the number of positions for each mixing shelf. The base unit accommodates either 8 or 12 gallon positions. For example, for a paint line with 42 quart and 16 gallon cans: order 1 x Quick-Mix 150 machine (has 8 gallon places) + 1 x 8-place gallon mixing shelf + 4 x 12-place quart shelves. In this example, you will be left with 6 extra quart positions than needed.

Q: I have shop with a small mixing room, what machine should I order?

A: Measure the designated space for the machine and compare it to the width of the machine. Quick-Mix 220 machines require 92”, Quick-Mix 150 machines: 64.5” and the Mini-Mix 150: 62”.

Q: My ceiling is low- how tall are Fillon mixing machines?

A: For Quick-Mix Plus machines, allow 16” height for the base, 13” per gallon shelf, and 11” for each quart shelf added to the base. The header board is 7” but can be omitted if there isn’t enough ceiling height.

Q: What happens if my motor or timer stops working?

A: Fillon offers replacement motors and timers as spare parts. Contact us for the latest pricing. If the machine is fairly new then contact our technical department to verify if the motor is still under warranty. If the warranty is valid, then you’ll need to return the motor tag (Bluffton Electric- silver tag) for credit. A replacement motor will be shipped at the soonest opportunity.

Q: How do I get a spare parts breakdown?

A: All Fillon mixing machine owners’ manuals can be found on the website. If you’re not sure about the machine model then check the nameplate located on the base assembly. If in doubt, contact us for assistance.

Q: Do you have parts for older-style machines? Can I order them online?

A: Most common spare parts are still available but to avoid making mistakes we prefer that you speak with a technical representative.

Q: How do I know which lids my machine takes?

A: Fillon branded mixing machines (old and newer models) use ‘fork’ style lids. Pre-Quick-Mix versions require standard ‘goal post’ forks, which are included in boxes of S35 lids. For FAS mixing machines, (models: VARIO, Moducompact, and Moducolor (or ‘chain-drive’) you’ll need FAS55 mixing lids.

Q: Do you still have mixing lids for FAS Chain drive machines?

A: Yes, order FAS55 mixing lids and then contact customer service to order the appropriate quantities of gear adaptors (available in bags of 6).

Q: Do you sell hand cranks for mixing lids?

A: Hand cranks are available for X5 mixing lids (see related components).


Q: What size mounting hardware is needed to anchor the Pro-Shaker to the floor? 

A: The mounting hardware (bolts, nuts, and sleeves) are 13mm and included with the package.

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Aerosol Filling

Q: My Fill-One machine stopped filling. It sounds like it might be leaking air… is there a replacement seal kit available?

A: The seals can be replaced but require a special jig to install them properly. The machine needs to be returned to Fillon for the authorized repair work. When you call technical service they will check the warranty of the machine and issue n RGA# (Returned Goods Authorization). You can also use the new Fill-One Aerosol Machine Repair Request Form located under the Service & Support section.

Q: I accidentally spilled paint inside the machine and now the platform won’t turn.

A: Try using a mild solvent to loosen and remove the rotating platform. If you don’t succeed, then contact technical to return the machine for a professional cleaning.

Q: Can I buy pre-gassed aerosol cans directly from Fillon?

A: No. Fillon partners with many different aerosol manufactures with expertise in formulation to ensure the correct ratio of solvent and propellant for your coatings type and application.

Q: How do I get Fill-One caps/disc sets? Can I buy them from Fillon?

A: Fillon’s patented caps/discs are provided only to aerosol manufactures under a licensing agreement to ensure that every aerosol can is delivered with a pre-mounted consumable.

Q: What machine do I have? Is it European or the standard version?

A: The nameplate located on the backside of the machine lists the model’s reference number. If the number is EBAA1017, EBAA1016, EBAA1006, EBAA1002 then the machine is dedicated only for cans manufactured in Europe. The standard North American reference is EBAA1014.

Q: Can I buy a special adapter to use European aerosol cans?

A: If the machine reference is EBAA1014 then it now comes standard with a universal filling cup that works with both American and European aerosols. 

Note: If the machine reference number is: EBAA1017, EBAA1016, EBAA1006, or EBAA1002, you cannot do the opposite; meaning that the standard replacement Aluminum cup holder will not work with outside clipping can types.

Q: What type of air compressor should I buy?

A: The compressor needs to maintain the minimum air pressure of 120 PSI to ensure that the paint is injected into the aerosol can. Therefore, it is best to source a compressor with an adjustable regulator. Fill-One is also sensitive to dirty and oily air and so choosing an oil-less' compressor with a strainer is desirable to avoid having to purge the unit on a regular basis.

Q: What is the recommended air-pressure setting for the pneumatic Fill-One machine?

A: Always operate Fill-One machines within an operating range of 120-135 PSI. If the pressure falls below 120 PSI then you'll run the risk of the aerosol not filling, and if the pressure exceeds 135 PSI then you may risk blowing the seals in the head, which will require repair from a Fillon technician. 

Q: My machine does not seem to be working correctly, what should I do?

A: Fill-One machines are fitted with tamper-resistent hardware for a reason. Do not attempt to repair machines without first consulting with a Fillon technical person. In most cases, you will hear a "hissing" sound when an internal seal is blown. The seals typically last between 3-5 years depending on usage (based on filling an average of 120 cans per month). If aerosols are suddenly filling slower than usual or you hear an air-leak call Fillon at 800-777-1583. You will be asked to complete the online form (see Service and Support on the website) and return the machine postpaid to Fillon. Repairs are almost always managed within 24-hours of time received.

Q: The hand crank on my Manual Machine seems "stuck" can I repair it myself?

A: DO NOT attempt to remove the hand crank and try to fix it yourself. Inside are many small ball bearings and when they become dislodged the machine will be useless and not repairable. Call Fillon for assistance. 

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Spray Gun Washing

Q: How to buy replacement filters for Aqualine 50/30 models?

A: Replacement pre-filters and main (cloth) filters are available on the website.

Q: My Aqualine water gun stopped working, is there a replacement available?

A: Yes, replacement water guns are available as a spare part. Contact a technical representative for the latest pricing.

Q: I bought a JetClean system but it only includes one waste collector. How do I manage waste between waterborne and solvent coatings?

A: Some states now allow waterborne and solvent waste to be collected together. Check with your local guidelines to explore this option. Otherwise, you can purchase a replacement waste collector and dedicate one for each coating or buy a second JetClean machine.

Q: Do I need any kind of special air extraction with JetClean?

A: No, one of the benefits to JetClean is that no additional air extraction piping is needed. Clean air evacuates outside the unit while the waste is collected in the supplied reservoir.

Q: What is the drawer on the JetClean machine needed for?

A: The drawer is a safety precaution for an overfilled waste collector. It holds the same amount of waste as the waste collector supplied.

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Q: How do I obtain spare replacement bulbs?

A: Replacement bulbs are available on this site or by contacting customer service. Please mention the model: Quatro or Spot.

Q: What voltage are Fillon dryers?

A: Spot Infrared driers are UL/CSA listed 110V/60 Hz and Quatro is UL/CSA 220V/50Hz.

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Order Management

Q: If I have special pricing can I order on-line?

A: No, if you have a special pricing agreement with us then you’ll need to place orders as before.

Q: Do I need an account to order on-line?

A: No, you can place orders with a credit card (Visa, MC, Discover, or Amex). If you already have established credit with payment terms then you could also use your account number at the checkout.

Q: When will my order ship?

A: After you place an order you’ll receive a confirmation. Shortly afterwards, Customer Service will email confirmation that your order was picked and shipped. Orders received before 11 am EST ship same day. All orders ship within 24-hours during business days.

Q: When can I expect to receive my order?

A: Small parcel shipments are by UPS Ground unless a faster service is requested at checkout. Ground service takes 1-6 business days depending on your location. Truck orders (LTL) typically take the same amount of time. If your order requires truck handling, customer service will contact you by phone or email first to review the order details.

Q: What is a passcode and how do I get one?

A: A passcode is obtained by contacting Fillon Technologies provided that you have a valid tax exempt or resale certificate that must first be validated by us. Once the passcode is obtained, you will be able to set up an account and place orders. Please note, we cannot sell to end-users (i.e. Body shops) direct to the governing laws of the state of Rhode Island. 

Q: Why can’t I find a complete listing of spare parts on your website?

A: To ensure that you get the correct replacement part we advise contacting technical for assistance. A few common spare parts (shelf belts, Quick-Link assemblies etc.) are available to purchase on-line.

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