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Dempro Explosion-Proof Motor with Programmable Timer (AREL1001)

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The Dempro UL/CSA Explosion-proof Motor (3/4 Hp (110V/60Hz) includes a programable timer and a pre-mounted junction box ($75 value) for an easier installation. The motor can be programmed to run twice daily (2 x 15-minute cycles) according to the paint requirements. It can also be run manually by depressing the start button for 2-seconds and it does notinterfere with the preset programming. The Dempro is the only XP motor that addresses potential color-matching issues from forgetting to turn on the machine. 

The Dempro motor also has a slow-start function that takes 20 seconds to reach full operating speed. This feature also helps to prevent foaming issues and reduces wear and tear on the machine's belts and components from aggressive start-up torque on other motors.