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FAS55 0.5-Liter Mixing Lid (BNAA1005/6)

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FAS55 mixing lids introduce a new central seal that will help prevent ‘oozing’ that is common to waterborne paints. ‘Oozing’ occurs when the paint creeps upwards- though the central seal- spilling onto the lid body. The problem might worsen if the paint isn’t shaken before the toner is installed onto the machine because the natural separation will adversely impact the strength of the toner. Our new central seal will reduce this likelihood by forcing paint back inside the can while the machine is running.

FAS lids feature a redesigned pouring spout for faster, non-clogging dosing, and ‘soft-touch’ locking cams to make can changes easier. Fillon lids are a great investment. Painters will appreciate the close attention to detail, comfortable pouring, and dosing accuracy. 

  • Innovative central shaft seal the nearly eliminates ‘oozing’ with waterborne paints.
  • Optional anti-adhesive skates to reduce paint residue and improve performance.
  • Smooth dispensing action with pin-point control pouring.
  • Compatible with solvent and waterborne paints.
  • Order for FAS VARIO 2.2/1.5-Meter mixing machines. Order snap-on gears to retrofit chain-drive machines.