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Alpha-Mix 160 Structure Base Unit (ARKE1220)

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Alpha-Mix machines introduce a structure base that comprises of two side rails (punched lateral frames) and a floor section. Begin by ordering a structure base unit and then up to 7 of 13-place quart/liter or 8-place gallon/3.5-liter mixing shelves to reach your desired configuration. Please note: A maximum of 6 x gallon shelves can be installed onto a 160-structure base unit.

Rear-storage is included for quart/liter shelves and for the lowermost base shelf (typically gallon). The top mixing shelf also doubles as a storage shelf. However, additional back-up storage shelves can be purchased separately if required.

Alpha-Mix machines can be ordered by either individual components (structure + mixing shelves + motor) or by our new machine kits (all items packaged inside one large crate). We currently offer two money-saving Alpha-Mix 160 machine kits.

Part # ARKV1201 (Alpha-Mix 160 Structure + 2 x 8-place gallon + 5 x 13-place quart/liter shelves + 6 x quart platforms and 1 x Dempro motor assembly). 

Part # ARKV1202 (Alpha-Mix 160 Structure + 2 x 8-place gallon + 4 x 13-place quart/liter shelves and 1 x Dempro motor assembly).

*UL/CSA Explosion-Proof Motor and Timer can be programmed to run automatically (twice daily) according to the shop’s preferred starting time including weekends, holidays, and vacations.

*The motor’s ‘slow start’ program protects the belts and machine components from premature wear due to aggressive start-up torque.

*Alpha-Mix 160 quart/liter mixing shelves include 13-places instead of the usual 12.

*Alpha-Mix machines offer greater flexibility since both storage and mixing shelves can be added on the same machine to suit any paint line requirement.

*Easy-assembly and the motor is now packaged inside the wrapped pallet crate buying options.

*Quick-Link™ technology for sure-fire mixing without needing to visually inspect cans to ensure engagement.

*The motor assembly INCLUDES a pre-installed Explosion-Proof Junction box ($75.00 value) to make electrical connections easier.