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Daisy Wheel 3.0

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Daisy Wheel has been the gold standard for automated dosing in Europe since 2013 since it is the only system that is 100% fully automatic. Daisy Wheel introduces the concept of 'soft mixing' meaning that the paint pigments are always suspended to prevent sedimentation and there is no risk of foaming. In addition, the air-less packaging prevents paint from coming into contact with both air pollutants and light. 

Daisy Wheel offers precise dosing accuracy (0.05 grams) in the exact quantities needed for all jobs including small spot repairs...There is no paint waste or risk of overpours! 

The tints are delivered ready-to-use and stock management has never been this easy through the integrated software system, which will advise whenever stock replenishment is needed. Daisy Wheel also protects your valuable paints from dust particles and debris. The machine capacity is from 96 liters/quarts up to 160 x 0.5-liters; offering plenty of extra storage for fast-moving tints. 

But where Daisy Wheel shines above all competition is with the LABOR savings. Because Daisy Wheel is a fully-automated system, it allows the painter to do other shop duties like masking and sanding while their paint is being prepared. When the mix is completed, a green indicator light illuminates to inform the painter that his paint is ready-to-spray. After the dosing operation is finished the valves are automatically cleaned. Finally, Daisy Wheel 3.0 is FAST...It can prepare a mix as quickly as the average painter and additional tinting needs are also easily managed through the system...

Daisy Wheel is a true "game-changer"! 

  • Two bottle sizes - one single valve
  • QR Code Management 
  • Disposable Cup Detection
  • System can be used manually if necessary.
  • Certified with UL/CSA approvals for Zone 2 Hazardous locations