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Explosion-Proof Motor Assembly (ANEK1005)

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New Dempro 'Slow-start' UL/CSA Explosion-Proof motor and Programmable timer controls for Quick-Mix Plus 220/150 and Mini-Mix 150 Plus mixing machines.

The new Dempro motor is outstanding for stirring high-viscosity toners by eliminating the aggressive start-up torque. When mixing commences it will gradually build-up to full speed (takes 20-seconds). The start function can also be programmed to begin stirring before the painters arrive at the shop. The motor begins a second 15-minute mixing cycle exactly 5 hours/45 minutes after the first.

  • Toners will be stirred on weekends, Holidays, and during vacations.
  • The mixing machine's belts and components will last longer becuase of the reduced start-up torque.
  • Includes a UL/CSA pre-installed Explosion-proof Junction Box for faster installations.
  • Extremely quiet running (2 x 15-minute cycles).
  • Features built-in safety mechanism to prevent accidental start-ups during machine maintenance etc.
  • The motor can also be run in manual mode by pressing and holding the start button for 2-seconds.
  • During electrical power outages the motor will resume back to its regular mixing cycle after power has been restored, and features motor overload protection with cut-off detection